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14th Annual South Florida Tattoo Expo, Friday,in Deerfield Beach, Florida

All photos have been uploaded, except those that the hosting company won't allow. I might burn a disc for sale ($10.00). If you would be interested in purchasing one please contact us through the contact page or email: sales at know the drill here, if I post an actual address a web spider will pick it up and it will become a target for major spam.)
This event is definitely not for the squeamish or judgemental person. As usual, the entertainment provided at the Tattoo Expo was off the chain, literally! From the Suspension shows to the Fetish shows and just some of the awesome tattoos and piercings being done, it is a plethora of visual observations that you have to actually experience to understand what this Tattoo Expo is really all about, me thinks is called 'freedom of expression'.
As I warned before, if you are squeamish at all, proceed to another gallery on this site, otherwise,proceed into a world of visual experiences you may not want to remember! Feel free to download any photos for personal use only. A small donation would also be helpful to assist me in keeping this site alive.

Thank you to all who allowed me to photograph them!

Ride Safe, Ride Free

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