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Motorcycle drag racing at Palm Beach International Raceway

They called it 'Cyclepalooza' and was it ever. I had never been that up-close at a racetrack before and the noise and the smoke and the smells just got the adrenalin pumping, and I was only photographing the event!
I just need to back up here a little folks. Some friends and I had actually planned a nice motorcycle ride, but when I got to the meeting place, I had already found out about the motorcycle drag races.
Being the overly burdening personality that I am, I told them I wasn't going on the ride, I had to try out my brand new Nikon photo equipment. Yep, you guessed it, nobody went on the run and we all rode out together to the track. Palm Beach International Raceway is under new managment and the venue is super clean with a very thorough staff highly present.
When we arrived, I went right to the front gate and mentioned I was with the press. That got me free parking, and upon further investigation by myself, it got me places where the general public wasn't allowed, hence the second sentence above. There were motorcycles from all the major manufacturers racing that day, though none in attendance were actually sponsored by the manufacturers. I did see an acquaintence of mine there, Mike Lehman of Palm Beach Harley-Davidson. He was racing his 'nasty-fast' motorcycle. I must mention that there are some very pretty women racing as well! You will see that in the photographs that follow. Nuff said here, enjoy the pics!
Ride Safe, Ride Sober, Ride Free

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