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Mike Zito
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12 Step Music Fest in the Florida Keys
Video by CycleShotz!

The Super Group
Provided by Rockers In Recovery
Video by CycleShotz!
12 Step Music Fest 2011

Photo's provide by Nitros Digital

12 Step Music Fest 2011 Photos and Videos in Sugarloaf Key, FL

SUGARLOAF KEY. FL (Nov 3, 2011) Welcome to our photo and video coverage of The 4th Annual 12 Step Music Fest on Sugarloaf Key! The CycleShotz staff got off to a late start due to a minor glitch to the mobile studio that required last minute repairs. We did however make it in time to catch most of the evening performances, although we were only able to catch the last two songs from one of my favorites, Thrown Alive.
As mentioned earlier, this is the 4th annual for this event, but it just doesn't look good for a fifth year. As Dawn explained, in spite of the awesome weather, the attendance was only half of that of last years. With this being said, the expenses once again this year went up in spite of some really unnoticed cutbacks. I have to say, this was the best year that I have had at the music fest since it's inception. Nowwwww................if you would like to help out so there is a 5th year, you can go to their website 12 Step Music Fest and click on the DONATE button. Remember, they are a 501c company so whatever you give is tax deductible. If you are close to any business owners that would like to sponsor parts of the event, they can go to the contact page on their website to sign up.

OK, back to the event. This is definitely a FAMILY event, with plenty of activities going on to keep everyone in the family busy, not to mention the marathon recovery meetings, the pool, the coffee shop, the yoga, and on and on and on.(no, that last one isn't a program, yet!). Once again, Mark Lundholm emceed the event and also did his latest stand up comedy show.The musical entertainment this year was once again, off the chain. Mike Zito...What can be said!!! Dawn Wilder...great as usual. The Doerful Family (One Doerful Family) just rocked the entire campground with their unique style. The Super Group, provided by John Hollis of Rockers In Recovery, had the entire audience off their feet and dancing the night away. I don't mean to slight the other bands because they had a lot to do with bringing the crowds to the stage area with their performances! Or should I say stage'S'. The coffee shop had entertainment also going all weekend with many great acts, plus an awesome talent show that spotlighted some our extremely talented brothers and sisters in recovery.
Our deepest gratitude goes out to Dawn of No Matter What Productions and her staff who gave so unselfishly of their time and John of Rockers in Recovery who assisted the CycleShotz! staff whenever we needed it.
I can't forget to thank the entire CycleShotz! staff who worked their fingers to blisters providing the photo and video content for this years in depth coverage of the event. Thanks to Mongo, TaTa, and Kathy for an excellent job and donating their time.
If I forgot to mention someone, please forgive me. There was just a whole lot going on over the four days of the Music Fest. Oop's, Chantel did an awesome job with her photography also, she had to rent equipment as all of her professional quality equipment had been recently stolen.
High Definition videos of the event have been posted throughout the photo coverage pages.
As with any of my galleries, feel free to copy the photos for your personal use. Due to recent abuse of my photo policy, If you add them to any social website (Facebook, Twitter, my Space, etc), limit it to a maximum of 5 photos and give credit to with a link back to my site.
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Thank you to all who allowed the Cycleshotz! staff to photograph and video them!

Ride Safe, Ride Free
Nitro, Mongo, TaTa, and Kathy

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Section 1 Thursday 8 PM until 3:20 PM Friday 12 Step Music Fest 2011 photos and videos
Sugarloaf Key, FL.

Section 2 Friday after 3:20 PM 12 Step Music Fest 2011 photos and videos
Sugarloaf Key, FL.

Section 3 Saturday after 7:00 PM 12 Step Music Fest 2011 photos and videos
Sugarloaf Key, FL.

Section 4 Sunday after 11:00 AM 12 Step Music Fest 2011 photos and videos
Sugarloaf Key, FL.

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