Photo's by Nitro

Lake Worth Florida Bike Night 8-06-09

This was only the second time I have attended this event. The turnout this time was much better than the first time I attended the Thursday Bike Night in Lake Worth. I believe it is officially called Lake Worth Bike Night On The Avenues. The crowd definitley gives the local economy a boost. I actually only saw one uniformed police officer throughout the entire evening. Everyone in attendance looked like they were having a good time, and it never really got loud like Bike Week in Daytona, of course there weren't quite as many motorcyles on the road. I did see an old friend who deserves a big shout-out.....YO GO-rilla Bob.....Well thats enough to tire me out, so go ahead and view the motorcycle and biker babe photos. Also, for this set, feel free to download any of the photos, as long it is for personal use only. A small donation would also be helpful to assist me in keeping this site alive.

Thank you to all who allowed me to photograph them!

Ride Safe, Ride Sober, Ride Free

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