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Bikini Girls With Tattoos-20th Leesburg Bikefest 2016
Leesburg, FL

Bikini Contest-Miss Bikefest-20th Leesburg Bikefest 2016
Leesburg, FL

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Photo's provided by Nitros Digital-Pat 'Sparky' Lewis, Kathy 'Ornery' Woods & Pat 'Nitro' Miller
Videos By Nitro's Digital

20th Leesburg Bikefest 2016

Leesburg, FL APRIL 25, 2016)

300,000!!!! That was the size of the crowd on Saturday, the second day of the Leesburg Bikefest. I think having Brett Michaels as the main headliner on Saturday evening had a lot to do with it.
Sparky and myself arrived on Thursday around 12 noon to get set up for the festivities. We reported to the Media Center where Rachel O. got us all the credentials we would need, then directed us to the site where we would set up the CycleShotz. Wow, what placement, right next door to the Lucky Cycles entertainment complex!!
Due to my health issues and the amount of heavy equipment we use, the powers that be allowed us to use my newly purchased golf cart for the 4 days we were there. Without it we probably would not have the massive photo and video coverage of the Bikefest.
Back at the media center, we ran into the usual group of photographers that are always there, Including Don from Easyrider magazine. After over 5 years of covering this event, it is just like a family reunion.
The weather this weekend was just awesome, the only rain was about 4 am on Saturday. The rest of the time it remained quite comfortable(well, maybe if ya had the Rat costume on it was a tad hot).
We spoke with many of the attendees this year, and every one of them said this is the best biker event they go to every year. Unlike Daytona, everything is in about a 20 block by 4 block area, which makes it great to just kick back and see everything at your leisure. I think the vendors like it too!!!
This years musical entertainment was awesome and even included a guest appearance of my buddy, Michael Allman, performing with the great Janie Durbin. Everclear was the Friday night Headliner on the Main Stage, which is sponsored by Gator Harley Davidson.
Again this year, Michelle was there with her International Bikini Team, damnnnnnnn, some really hotties in that group! If they are in a neighborhood near you, do not miss the show. This years contest included Ms. Bikefest, Ms. Budweiser, Ms Ratmate, and Ms Pin-Up. My friend Rebecca won the Ms. Pin-Up contest!!!!!!As shown is a few of the photos, motorcycle parking on Main Street was packed, but there were plent of other lots for 5 bucks for the day. Progressive Insurance had control of the parking garage and announced that anyone to inebrieated to drive was welcome to park their motorcycle there overnight and take a cab back to where they were stating, They even had Flo shaped pancakes at their free breakfast on Saturday morning.
This year I was also able to film the biker games (no mustard?) and the Ride Like a Pro Demonstration. That guy is pretty funny at times, but serious when he has to be. Great show!!
The Rats Hole Bike show once again was killer, with a lot of entries, including my friend Hondog with his rat bike.
This years Leesburg Bikefest was not a letdown in any way, I had the most fun a person who works an event can have. Many thanks to the Leesburg Partnership, The Media Center, and Austin for hooking us up so we could work very efficiently on the coverage of the event. We look forward to many more years of coverage of the Leesburg Bikefest.
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Bikini Contest-Miss Bikefest-20th Leesburg Bikefest 2016 Part 2
Leesburg, FL

Bikini Contest-Miss Bikefest-20th Leesburg Bikefest 2016 Part 3
Leesburg, FL

Thank you to all who allowed the Cycleshotz! staff to photograph and video them!

Ride Safe, Ride Free
Pat "Nitro" Miller
Pat "Sparky" Lewis
Kathy "Ornery" Woods

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20th Leesburg Bikefest 2016
Leesburg, FL
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20th Leesburg Bikefest 2016
Leesburg, FL
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20th Leesburg Bikefest 2016
Leesburg, FL

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