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Miss Ratmate Bikini Contest Pt 1
Leesburg Bikefest 2015
Miss Ratmate Bikini Contest Pt 2
Leesburg Bikefest 2015

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Leesburg Bikefest 2015 Photos

Leesburg, FL (APR 27, 2015) So here we are again in the sleepy little town of Leesburg, Fl that has a normal population of around 22,000. WAIT!!! I hear a motorcycle, or two, or three, or a quarter of a million!!!! WAKE UP LEESBURG!
I arrived early Friday morning and there were quite a few people already present besides the vendors and the normal businesses, by Saturday, it was an awesome spectacle of over 250,000 people partying down in this quaint little town where the sidewalks normally roll up about six pm.
This year the Cycleshotz staff is dedicating our coverage to Kevin 'Mongo' Damms, our chief videographer who always has excellent skills at filming the bikini events. He went down in a horrendous motorcycle accident that put him down over 6 weeks ago. He is now well on the way to recovery. As he had no insurance, any donations would be appreciated, you can just go to PayPal and send a gift donation to kevmongo at Thanks in advance.

Again this year, we would like to express our gratitude to Rachel O'Ryan and the staff of O'Ryan Cordes Marketingfor their excellent operations of the Media Center. For all the other events, pay attention here. The Leesburg Bikefest Media Center is something ALL events should have. Just contact Rachel on the link above for more information.

Now I must digress, please do not tell the insurance company, but I had a car tire installed on the Gold Wing prior to leaving West Palm Beach for this event. Wellll, whomever installed the tire also put way too much air pressure in the tires, like 50 LBS.....have you ever ridden like that? It's like you are floating, quite scary!! Once I readjusted the pressure the bike was still a little skittish. Oh, did I mention I pull a trailer behind the bike? Yep, checked out the hitch and it was wayyyy to high. Upon arrival in Leesburg, I stopped a a local independent tire shop and had them reverse the hitch and that helped, but still had a little wobble....hmmm, operator error, I didn't check the tire pressure on the trailer and it seemed that 12 lbs. wasn't quite enough as they called for 60........ok, all is well now!

Okay, enough about me (for now). This event grows each year and to me is much better than Daytona!
The four different bikini contests always draws a crowd of photographers as well and a large, loud, audience.
The entertainment was off the chain this year with all the different bands. There were three different stages just a few city blocks apart that each had their own selection of bands playing this year.
Due to my being sick Saturday, I did not get the photo coverage I normally get. I totally missed the Tattoo convention, the Wall Of Death, the trained canines, the trick motorcycle riders, the Rats Hole Bike Show, the biker games, and on and on. There was so much going down over the entire weekend, it would have been difficult to cover each event even if I wasn't sick. Oh, did I mention the bikini contests, and all the hot women, and according to my assistant, Kathy, some quite hot dudes also!!
I seen quite a few people this year that I had seen or photographed or worked with at different events, which is always a plus. It kinda becomes like a venue to meet up with old acquaintences and even make a few new ones.
Sadly, I left early Sunday morning as the 'bug' was still present. Missing the Marshall Tucker band is something I know I will regret, along with the Bike show that was also scheduled for Sunday.
If you missed the event this year, make your plans early for next year as it will be the 20th Anniversary!!!
Once again, thanks to all who allowed CycleShotz to photograph or videotape you and PLEASE share this site with your friends!!!
High Definition videos of the event will be posted throughout the photo coverage pages.
As with any of my galleries, feel free to copy the photos for your personal use. Due to recent abuse of my photo policy, If you add them to any social website (Facebook, Twitter, my Space, etc), limit it to a maximum of 5 photos and give credit to with a link back to this site.
If you would like to keep this website alive and free, just click on the button below to donate.

Thank you to all who allowed the Cycleshotz! staff to photograph and video them!

Ride Safe, Ride Free
Pat "Nitro" Miller
Kathy "Ornery" Woods

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Section 1

19th Annual Leesburg Bikefest 2015
Leesburg, FL
Section 1
Exclusive Miss Bikefest Bikini Contest
19th Annual Leesburg Bikefest 2015
Leesburg, FL
Section 2
Exclusive Miss Bikefest Bikini Contest
19th Annual Leesburg Bikefest 2015
Leesburg, FL
Section 3
Exclusive Miss Bikefest Bikini Contest
19th Annual Leesburg Bikefest 2015
Leesburg, FL

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