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Phil Petersons Key West Poker Run 2011

Highway To Hell on Duval Street in Key West, Florida

Photo's by Mongo, Videos by Nitro

Phil Petersons Key West Poker Run 2011 Videos and Photos

KEY WEST. FL (Sep 17, 2011) Ok, it is really known as Key Weird, and after perusing our extensive coverage, you will understand. This was the first time the CycleShotz! staff covered this event, and we will be back. Due to the lack of clothing and only paint in certain instances, ya might not want to let the kids on this site. Just sayin.
Mongo and myself arrived at our camping spot about 5PM on Friday. We set up camp and then headed down to Key West. It was only 20 miles away. The parking experience proved to be quite cheap being only 5 dollars for two days on Duvall Street. I usually end up paying more at Bike Week up on the other end of the state. Photos 14 and 15 prove the versatility of this event, as the two girls on bicycles were visiting from Poland and were in awe of all the motorcycles.
By 11:30 Friday night we were quite beat up so we headed back to the campground. There we made a decision not to camp in a tent in Florida unless it is October or March. Nuff said on that issue.
Sunday we just slummed it in the campground until about 5 PM again. Then it was back to Duvall street. This time we were able to make it to Mallory Square at sundown. If you haven't made it there yet, it adds to the definiton of Key Weird but it is quite entertaining. After that we just hung out across from Sloppy Joes and enjoyed the photo and video opportunities. As of this writing, I haven't even had a chance to review the videos yet.
Now, about our return to the campsite. As we were sitting at one of the many awesome dining facilities, Mongo came up with the idea of packing up the camp and heading back to our West Palm Beach world headquarters. After only getting about 3 hours sleep the night before because of the stifling heat, I decided that for once in his life he had an awesome idea. We arrived unscathed around 5 AM. I am writing this as I just arose from bed about an hour ago (2:00PM).
Once again, the annual Phil Petersons Key West Poker Run is one you don't want to miss! (BIG HINT-Get an air conditioned room at any cost!)
High Definition videos of the event have been posted throughout the photo coverage pages.
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Thank you to all who allowed the Cycleshotz! staff to photograph them!

Ride Safe, Ride Free
Nitro, Mongo

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