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Wet T-Shirt Contest-44th Annual Phil Petersons Key West Poker Run 2016-Pt. 1
Key West, FL

Wet T-Shirt Contest-44th Annual Phil Petersons Key West Poker Run 2016-Pt. 2
Key West,

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Photo's provided by Nitros Digital-Kathy 'Ornery' Woods & Pat 'Nitro' Miller
Videos By Nitro's Digital

44th Annual Phil Petersons Key West Poker Run 2016

Key West, FL

SEPT 18, 2016

Blazing HOTT!!!
Not just the weather, but all the fine ladies on and around Duval Street and especially over at the Tattoos and Scars Saloon on Greene St. Many thanks to Casey Vinall for allowing the Wet T contest to be videotaped.
Everyone that I spoke with was having a good time whether they were inside an air conditioned bar or restaurant or just walking Duval perusing all the great looking motorcycles.
As I said earlier, the weather was brutally hot during the day, and that kept the daytime crowds kinda thin. When the sun began to go down the streets really woke up with throngs of people covering the street and sidewalks. It was totally awesome........annddddddd speaking of awesome, the Wet T-Shirt contest was off the hook!!!! Eight girls! and hottness reigned supreme. I was quite suprised at the winner though as she was all natural with no silicone. I kinda like that look myself.......too bad her ol' man was about 6 foot 12 and 650 lbs.
This year was the inaugural for my new top seems the majority of those that made any comments all really liked the look. I even had a gentleman from Germany take a picture of me and his wife(future lawsuit).
This was the first year I attended that I didn't ride down. The motorhome won the toss. It don't take a rocket scientist to figure out $55.00 a night is a whole lot cheaper than around $300.00 for just one night. There were many signs out front of most of the hotels and motels stating there were rooms available. I think if maybe, just maybe they dropped their prices by about a hundred bucks they might end up with a full house. On that note, we stayed at Leo's Campground on Stock Island....fantastic facility and extremely friendly staff. I would highly recommend them to anyone. There were even some brave souls acutally staying in tents.....however most of those had cut a hole in the side or back of the tent and put in a window shaker(ac unit).
During my visit I was able to go by Pirate Radio WKYZ 96.7 and 101.7 and see and old friend, Jay, otherwise known as Ripley. Wayyy back in the early beginning of this century we hosted a local radio show in Palm Beach County know as Biker Talk Radio, now that had a lot of memories!! If you are down there, give it a listen or you can actually visit themONLINE by clicking the link.
I have to mention my visit with a very brave young lady, Mel T. who works over at Ricks Durty Harrys, just across the street from Sloppy Joes. She has most recently went through a very scary time of her life, having a double mastectomy. She is clear and in the process of being rebuilt. If you would like to help her out there is a link on our home page to a GoFundMe page set up for her. Thank you in advance for any contributions you can make to assist in her recovery.
I only have on complaint....traffic was stopped on the way home by a major accident. For all the hundreds of 'bikers' who thought it was cute to ride the shoulder to get up front, just remember, the image of motorcyclists is bad enough. You have pissed off hundreds of motorists who you are always asking to respect you yet you do rookie stuff like that.......(yes I do own motorcycles and would never have done anything like that. Sad behaviour)......Rant over

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Thank you to all who allowed the Cycleshotz! staff to photograph and video them!

Ride Safe, Ride Free
Pat "Nitro" Miller
Kathy "Ornery" Woods

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