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Miranda at the Schooner Wharf Bar
Phil Peterson's 43nd Annual Key West Poker Run 2015-Key West, FL

Sofia Luna Burlesque at the Schooner Wharf Bar
Phil Peterson's 43nd Annual Key West Poker Run 2015-Key West, FL

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Photo's provided by Nitros Digital-Kevin 'Mongo' Damms & Pat 'Nitro' Miller
Videos By Nitro's Digital

Phil Peterson's 43nd Annual Key West Poker Run 2015

Key West, FL SEPT 20, 2015) I am very grateful that the trip to the Keys is always a pleasent experience. With that said, once again this year, the crowd was quite sparse compared to 10 years ago when I first attended Phil Peterson's Annual Key West Poker Run. Now don't get me wrong, this is an awesome event, but in my opinion, I think that Key West and the rest of the Florida Keys have priced themselves out of the business for the everyday Joe like myself. Hotel rooms at $200.00 a night? This is not fanatsy fest. This is a venue for the everyday biker to have a good time and at the same time help a charity out along the way.
WAKE UP KEY WEST CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, sorry for the shout......or not. There were plenty of open rooms available this year and it seems to me that a full house at a little lower rate would be good for business....just sayin'. Secondarily, I must admit though that the weather earlier in the the week was not conducive to a pleasant motorcycle ride.

This brings me back to the event, yes I have a great time everytime I am in the keys. This year though, we had to bring the Hoesmobile, the big green conversion van as Mongo is not up for riding quite yet due to his major motorcycle accident back in March of this year. This is however his second event he has attended since the accident. This year we did not enter the Poker Run, which is kind of a good thing as I don't have the slightest idea how to play Texas Holdem. We did however, as we usually do when on our motorcycles, do the 'turn around'. C'mon, it's only 225 miles one way, piece of cake......well used to be. This getting up in age sometimes hinders my past behaviours(NOTE: I did NOT say I am getting older.) Most of the photos here are Mongo's, with a sparse smattering of mine added here and there.

There appeared to be less vendors than previous years and those that were there seemed to do ok. I personally was quite fond of the 'twist me' lighted pasties.
This year I was invited to attend the Burlesque show at the Schooner Wharf Bar, that, as you will see by the photos was, well, a little different. The fire spinner, although she did falter once or twice was totally awesome, and didn't even burn the venue down...just kidding Miranda.
I did encounter a few people who did not want their photo taken. I totally respect that decision, as long as it wasn't created by all those other 'photographers' who just run up and down Duvall Street taking 'snapshots' giving you a card, and making you pay exorbitant prices for their their less than high quality photos. I was totally amazed this year, as not a single female attempted to charge me to take their photo. I do not make any money from the photos. If, and that is a big if, I may make some money someday from the number of visitors to the CycleShotz website.
Once again, thanks to all who allowed CycleShotz to photograph or videotape you and PLEASE share this site with your friends!!!
High Definition videos of the event will be posted throughout the photo coverage pages.
As with any of my galleries, feel free to copy the photos for your personal use. Due to recent abuse of my photo policy, If you add them to any social website (Facebook, Twitter, my Space, etc), limit it to a maximum of 5 photos and give credit to with a link back to this site.
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Thank you to all who allowed the Cycleshotz! staff to photograph and video them!

Ride Safe, Ride Free
Pat "Nitro" Miller
Kevin "Mongo" Damms

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Phil Peterson's 43nd Annual Key West Poker Run 2015
Key West, FL
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Phil Peterson's 43nd Annual Key West Poker Run 2015
Key West, FL

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