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Biketoberfest 2009 photos

Photo's by Nitro

Biketoberfest 2009-Daytona Beach, Florida

Here it Wednesday and I got a day off from work, finally, and took a day trip to Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach (204 miles from my door to the Main Street Cafe door).
This year the event officially starts on Thursday, but according to quite a few of the vendors, it has been building since Monday. Today reminded me of the first time I attended the event in 1994. The crowds were bearable and you didn't get stalled in one place while walking down the sidewalk, although I did miss some of the 'scenery of the past'(visit the gallery of the '01 Biketoberfest). There was even a bit of the usual Biketoberfest rain, but only about 18.5 drops on the way up and 106 drops while on Main Street.
I was able to take quite a few photos on Main Street for just being there for one day.
Had a 'stupid' moment upon leaving this morning at about 8:15 AM. I stopped to fuel up, and checked the oil. Guess what I forgot to screw back on.........that @%$%$ oil cap! I got on I-95 and immediately smelled smoke. Looking behind me, I coulda killed the mosquito population of Palm Beach county in ten miles or less. Needless to say, I got off at Forest Hill Blvd. and pulled the side cover (Goldwing). Lo and behold, the cap was off, but just laying on the frame. I checked the oil, was 2 quarts low (4 quarts short of a gallon in my head!). I proceded to the local car wash, washed off all the oil, filled her up with oil and continued on my way, a full hour later. Luckily, when I arrived on Main Street at quarter after noon o'clock, my usual parking spot across from the Main Street Cafe was open! On that note, I ate at the cafe and their 16 oz. t-bone is a traditional meal for me. It alone is worth the trip to Daytona! I camped out across the street from the cafe until 7:30 PM just enjoying the scenery and wondering why someone with a Florida license plate would be trailering their fully dressed Harley. I guess to each his own.
I arrived back at my homefront about 10:30 PM. Now that was quite a long day for this old motorcycle enthusiast, but well worth it.
Well, enough about me, enjoy the photos of the day before Biketoberfest 2009.
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Thank you to all who allowed me to photograph them!

Ride Safe, Ride Free

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