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Biketoberfest Bar Dancing at Cacklebery Campground from Sex-U-Reality on Vimeo.

Strip Club Choppers Pole Dancing on a Motorcycle at Cacklebery Campground from Sex-U-Reality on Vimeo.

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Photo's & Videos provided by Nitros Digital-Pat 'Nitro' Miller

Biketoberfest 2014 Photos - Daytona Beach, FL

Samsula, FL OCT 21, 2014) I decided not to go to Main Street this year because the only changes over the last 3 years have not been conducive to business. Instead I went to the Cacklebery Campground to attend their events. Say What? You didn't know about the events there? Maybe because this is only the second time the new owners have been open for a motorcycle event, and the first time they had vendors, go carts, live music, a bikini bull riding contest, go carts, AWESOME bar keep ladies, burnout pit and just an overall good time!! Oh, did I mention go carts? Picture this, one hand on the wheel, the other with a beer going about 45 mph around the track in a four wheel drift. Yep, that really happened. Even some of the ladies participated, and I think one was a ringer because she just kept beating the shorts off all takers. I can't forget to mention the vendors. There was a dyno on site, a Dunlop tire dealer (thank you John for the quick and very reasonable repair!!), leather booths, a tattoo artisl, LED lighting tents, patch sales, knives, custom seats, a few motorcycle builders, jewelry, and more, and my favorite, a chiropractor, right Dr. Tina Bennett.
Saturday was totally off the chain, as many of the people that parked their bikes on the property to go watch the slaw wrestling at the Cabbage patch returned and hung out for quite a few hours, enjoying all the different activities available at Cacklebery. The 2 dollar beer probably kept quite a few of them from leaving right away also.
The primitive camping rate this year was only $15 a night, with shower available onsite. Even had a drunken lady com up to me and ask where Bruce or someone was....then, as I was changing out video equipment, she asked me if I "was going to pee'......ummm later lady.
The burnouts began Friday afternoon featuring the Lizard Man, also know as Blind Bob. He really is 100% blind, due to an accident while welding on a wheel, that unbeknownst to him, was filled with fix-a-flat. If you are going to use that product, PLEASE let whoever is working on your tire know that fix-a-flat was used. Blind Bob, is one awesome individual who won't let a disability get him and respect is due here. Saturday evening brought out another 5 bikers besides Blind Bob who also burned their tires till they blew.....ya gotta see the videos of that!
And on another note, another reason I will not go back to Miain Street is everytime I would ask a female barkeep if I could take a photo they wanted to charge me. I usually charge for my services ladies. At Cacklebery, not once was I asked for a 'donation' to take their photos, and there were some REALLY HOTTT ladies tending the many bars available in the campground who were very happy to have their photos taken as part of the beginning of a historic and exciting new venue.
If you are looking for a change of pace during Bikeweek in 2015, ya just might want to call Cacklebery Campground.
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Ride Safe, Ride Free
Pat "Nitro" Miller

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The Babes of Fire
Cacklebery Campground -Biketoberfest 2014-Samsula, Florida

Blind Bob aka Lizard Man Saturday afternoon burnout
Cacklebery Campground-Biketoberfest 2014-Samsula, Florida

560 Tomoka Farms Road
New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32168
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