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27th Annual Toys In The Sun Run 2014

27th Annual Toys In The Sun Run 2014
Military Trubute

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Photo's provided by Nitros Digital-Kathy-Mongo-Nitro
Video By Nitro's Digital-Mongo-Nitro

27th Annual Toys In The Sun Run-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Ft. Lauderdale, FL (Dec 7, 2014) The Toys In The Sun Run this year was, simply stated, phenomenal!! You couldn't have asked for better weather. Around 2pm it appeared to be clouding up, but it turned to be a fire in the Everglades, which was taken care of promptly.

Again this year, the run began at the Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach. The route is right at 20 miles, ending at Markham Park in Sunrise Florida. I-95 North was closed (9am-1pm!) for a few exits and I-595 closed for many more miles. All the law enforcement agencies that volunteer their time did an excellent job of keeping all traffic running quite smooth. Without all those LEO volunteers, this toy run would not exist. All of the clubs in the South Florida Presidents Council of Motorcycle Clubs also volunteer their services, and last but not least are the hundreds of other volunteers who make this happen both on the front lines and behind the scenes. The planning for next years run always begins right after the event ends! Many thanks to all!!
This year, the parade line up changed, with the VIP riders leading the way........hmmmmm, no sirens, no real noise, no wonder I missed Paul Tuttle Sr, who was leading the pack! Once the VIP's went by, all the other noisy vehicles announced the rest of the pack. Being only a 20 mile route, while people are parking or imbibing in some of the 'holiday cheer' at the park, there are still motorcycles parked at Mardi Gras Casino waiting their turn in the parade. Estimates this year are appromimately 28,000 motorcycles!! With the 40,000+ expected at the park itself, it should be a great attendance year.
I arrived at Markham Park around 8:00 am, so I could arrange with one of the many food vendors to set up one of the video cameras on his upper deck. Bad news, he was ok with it, but it was so far away and at such an angle that the resulting video would not be worth watching......hmmmm, plan B!! I approached the sound stage operator, Josh, and asked it I could place my camera and operator on his little 'stage' that was on risers, without hesitation he said yes!!! Awesome, thank you Josh!!
As usual this year, there were hundreds of vendors, selling everything you would ever need to complete your life, and the food vendors, yum!! Mongo and myself partook in some lamb gyro's which were 'undescribably delicious', even though mine had leaked alllllllllll over the front of my shirt. No problem, washed it right out with some Gatorade!!! (yep, bachelor here).
As there were TWO headliners this year, the main stage entertainment began at 11:00 AM, with an awesome local band, Soulicide, rocking the crowd. They played until 12:00 noon, when a military tribute (hint: the date was DEC 7) was performed and the check presentations to The Joe DiMaggio Childrens Hospital were completed.
At 1:00 pm, the first headliner, Brian Howe of Bad Company fame, put on one of the best performances I have ever witnessed in my 21 years of attending this event!! He had the crowd in his hands with them participating in some of his hits.
At 3:00pm, the other headliner, The Charlie Daniels Band came on stage. At this point in time, I must provide a big shoutout to Chester's Harley Davidson for all of their generous donations, especially for the entertainement....Thank you Chesters' Harley Davidson of Fort Lauderdale!!

All in all, this was one spetacular event. I do believe that next year, after 20+ years of extensive photo and video coverage of this event, unless my staff would like to work the event, I will be participating as a visitor. I would personally like to thank Dave Amchir, Debbie Amchir, and all the Wings of Gold MC menbers who over the years have provided me and my staff with everything we have needed to get the job done.


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Ride Safe, Ride Free
Pat "Nitro" Miller-Videographer/Photographer
Kathy Woods-Photographer
Kevin 'Mongo' Damms-Videographer/Photographer

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27th Annual Toys In The Sun Run 2014
Julia Dale & the National Anthem

27th Annual Toys In The Sun Run 2014
Brian Howe of Bad Company Encore

Kathy's Coverage of The 27th Annual Toys In The Sun Run 2014

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