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Editors Choice Top Three Bands
77th Daytona Beach Bike Week 2018

International Bikini Team Saturday Finals-Pt.1-Camera1
77th Daytona Beach Bike Week 2018

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Photo's provided by Nitros Digital
Videos By Nitro's Digital

77th Anniversary of Daytona Beach Bike Week at Cacklebery Campground 2018

Samsula, FL (Mar 19, 2017)

SAMSULA, FLA., Mar 9-18, 2018 Wow! Simply amazing! Bike Week at Cacklebery Campground was definitely off the chain this year. I personally believe their motto should be 'Not your typical Main Street entertainment'. Let's just say that some of the happenings on the new second stage were...errrr....uhhhh, well you get the idea!! The 'amateur' Daisy Duke contest began many of the various contests held throught the 9 days of this years Bike Week. The International Bikini Team, with three different competitions on three different nights, brought so many beautiful ladies that deciding the Bikini contest winner was extremely difficult. Luckily I was not a judge this year...I did have my favorites though....Emily!!
This year CycleShotz stepped up our game with a new High Definition Switcher, making the transition from thr four different input devices extremely smooth and professional looking. Once again this year we were broadcasting to six different tv's, four in the main tent and one in each side bar. This year created some minor technical problems due to the addition of the new second stage, but they were quite an easy fix! Located only 15 miles from Main Street, in Samsula Florida, on CR 415, Cacklebery Campground, 560 Tomoka Farms Road, is a fantastic alternative to the crowded roads of Main Street and some of the other smaller bars and venues throughout the area and provides non-stop entertainment through the day and evening.
I wrote about Cacklebery back in 2013 when I attended their second motorcycle event. The growth of this venue is phenomenal to say the very least. Throughout the entire nine days I was reunited with many that have been there from the start, I guess we are now called 'family' and we are proud of that fact. Once again this year Donny's Big Daddy Band provided the stages and his lighting, with our very own emcee Taz also bringing in his lighting. I can't not mention his lovely wife Ruthie who keeps their business 'Twisted Karaoke' alive at other venues when she is not slinging jello shots at this event.
Now for the fun part.....body painting. Showing my age here, Earl Sheib (any car $29.95) never did any painting like witnessed this year!! The girls this year were really exhibiting some awesome artwork this year, running the gamut from stars and stripes to unicorns to some fantastic tattoo flash work.
The food vendors made sure I didn't lose any weight during Biketoberfest, Dr. Tina the Chiropractor kept my back in ship shape condition, I was kept with clean clothes from the many apparell vendors too. As usual John Verhuslt was there replacing tires and doing repairs, while next to him there was another vendor performing dyno testing.
The musical entertainment throughout the event featured Donny's Big Daddy Band, Diesel, Stone Free Band, Straitjacket Smile, and Vince Rayburn and a few others.. Once again Emcee Taz kept the crowds going during the breaks between bands while all the tv's were showing previous recordings of past wet t-shirt and bikini contests at the same time. Wednesday night was an awesome night, with the AC/DC tribute band ThunderJack ( just tearing the house down. I have to mention Straight Jacket Smile ( here as they closed it out on the final Saturday night tearing the big top down!!!
At Cacklebery Campground and RV Resort there is something for everybody and is NOW 'THE' place to be for Bikeweek and Biketoberfest, not to mention the Nascar races.
If you want to be a part of the action for Biketoberfest 2018, book now, just click HERE
In closing thanks to all that attended and/or camped at the campground during this highly successful event. See you in October for Biketoberfest 2018!!
Once again, thanks to all who allowed CycleShotz to photograph or videotape you and PLEASE share this site with your friends!!!
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Thank you to all who allowed the Cycleshotz! staff to photograph and video them!

Ride Safe, Ride Free
Pat "Nitro" Miller
Pat "Sparky" Lewis

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77th Annual Daytona Bike Week at Cacklebery Campground 2018
Samsula, FL
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77th Annual Daytona Bike Week at Cacklebery Campground 2018
Samsula, FL
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77th Annual Daytona Bike Week at Cacklebery Campground 2018
Samsula, FL

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