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Photo's by Nitro

Bikers Against Drugs Dance XXII 2010 Photos

WPB. FL (APR 3, 2010) Seems like we have done this before, 3 freakin' Oh'Clock in the morning. I work a second shift job, and that is normally my bedtime! Needless to say, it is sleepless in WPB!
One good thing about this 'deja vu' is that everything goes so smoothly as we have done this so many times before. We really owe a lot to those 'friends of the fellowship' who show up, work their tails off, and still pay at the door. Ya can't ask for anything else. Thank you guys! (and the young lady in her bikini!)
Thanks to the hoesmobile being repaired by brother Koo in time for the BAD Dance, I had a place to catch some catnaps throughout the day. You can actually see it is some of the photos.
During the day, quite a few visitors came and hung out with us, playing horseshoes, shooting the bull, and just in general supporting The Third Tradition Motorcycle Fellowship. If this keeps up I am going to make a motion at one of our future business meetings to make this a weekend affair! We even had our famous 'sausage gravy and biscuits with egss' again, thanks Harley for keeping this tradition alive!
Around 5 PM, the crowd began growing bigger and it peaked about 7:30 PM. I just can't figure out why the crowd seemed to empty out around 9PM. I don't think anyone ever left the bar or crackhouse that early, oh well, to each his own. They missed out on some of the best entertainment of the night.
Although this was nowhere as big as last years event attendance wise, there were definitely more motorcycles this year. Thanks to all the local motorcycle clubs that attended, especially the one who moved their monthly meeting just so they could support us.
The music was quite varied this year, with Conley White opening up with a set on his acoustic guitar, then Dawn Wilder of 12 Step Music Fest fame performed some her best songs,at the same time giving away t-shirts to those that could answer her trivia questions. Here is a hint-the answer to most of them was "The 12 Step Music Fest". For more information on her awesome event visit:
The 12 Step Music Fest

All in all, this years event was a success, with the auction and the pie in the eye coming through as usual, we will once again be able to buy 12 step recovery literature to give to those in need.
One more time, thank you to everyone that volunteered to help out (thanks Debbie for the sponsees!), (Ghost and Mike for taking some picture of me and the pie in the eye event), and especially those that attended. See ya at our next event, we have a special prize already donated for that event.(thanks Dawn!) Annnndddd BAD DANCE XXIII in 2011!
As with any of my galleries, feel free to copy the photos for your personal use. Due to recent abuse of my photo policy, If you add them to any social website (Facebook, Twitter, my Space, etc), limit it to a maximum of 5 photos and give credit to with a link back to my site.

Thank you to all who allowed me to photograph them!

Ride Safe, Ride Free

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