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A brief bio:
CycleShotz! was created in 2009 as a way for people to either relive the motorcycle event experience or see what happens at some of the major motorcycle events they would like to attend.
Our marketing plan is quite simple for obtaining our highly targeted audience. Once we take a photo or video of a person or group of persons, we give them our business card with our web address at the same time telling them they can download the photo for FREE. This is a form of viral marketing, because they then send their friends and relatives to also view their photo.
We do attend various motorcycle related events from time to time, and many of those we have have to add a 'PG17' rating, such as our coverage of 'piercing' and 'suspension' shows.

We only shoot High Definition Video of events we attend using professional video and audio equipment. Our photgraphic equipment is also highly professional equipment, however we only upload a certain quality as the web only recognizes about 72 DPI.

Reasons for Advertising on our Photo Pages

Needless to say, if you are in any way related to the motorcycle/travel business, you already recognize our HIGHLY targeted audience.
With that said, we cannot guarantee you will see an increase on sales, however, as most major businesses know, BRAND RECOGNITION is extremely important when it comes to the consumer making a wise decision on any purchase.
In order to obtain that recognition, there must be traffic. Ever since the CycleShotz! staff has grown, so have our stats. In 2010 we had 9,300 total visits with just over 92,000 page views. For 2011 we had 16,210 visitors and 132,504 page views. For the first 3 months of 2012, so far, we have 9,298 visitors and 72,661 page views. Over 18% percent of our visitors remain on the website for over 5 minutes, averaging about 9-10 page views per visit. We can keep our visitors returning due to the fact that we have over 7 GB of motorcycle related photos on our site. Most recently, we have added over 3700 pages just for the photo coverage of Daytona Bike Week 2012.
You say that is not that many visitors, correct? Keep in mind that this is a highly targeted audience. Our largest percentage of visitors are males in the 35-55 age bracket, who for the most part, have more 'disposable income' than any other age bracket.

We currently offer exclusive packages for your business. To observe our posted rates and discuss your advertising package, contact: Kevin 'Mongo' Damms at mongo at or call at 561 670 six one two four.

NEW...Our Video pre-roll, mid-roll, and end-roll Programs

With all the different formats of streaming media obtainable today, it is no surprise that advertising for these new formats evolves with the technology as well. Advertising with video pre roll ads can be an extremely good way to make sure your target audiences are actually watching your ads.

The Web video company BBE conducted a study of pre-roll video ads and banner ads in 2008. The study indicated that pre-roll video advertising was anywhere from 8 to 25 times more effective than ads in banner form. According to "Advertising Age," a study undertaken in 2010 found that roughly 16 percent of viewers clicked away from 30-second pre-roll ads, which left roughly 84 percent of viewers completing the ads.
The effectiveness of pre-roll video advertising has been attributed to the fact that it's similar to what viewers are used to seeing on television. Additionally, pre-roll video ads that tend to be shorter -- 5 to 10 seconds in length -- are typically more effective because viewers are more apt to stay through a shorter ad to get to their desired video or programming. Additionally, interactive pre-roll ads are becoming increasingly popular. A major video ad company -- reported that 54 percent of advertisers planned to allocate their 2010 budgets to pre-roll advertising.

So, now you ask, are you going to charge us '8 to 25 percent' more for our video ads. Our answer-emphatically no! Our pre-roll, mid-roll, and end-roll ads are all very affordable once you see how many views you will get. Currently, our YouTube account has over one quarter of a million views in just over one year and we are now in the process of hosting our own videos. We will still put teaser videos on YouTube and direct the traffic to our site for the complete video.

Don't delay, our video ad space will sell quickly. Don't have a 7-15 second ad? We can create it for you.

Just contact Pat 'Nitro' Miller sales@cycleshotz dot com or call 561 294 one nine zero zero.

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